HELP & Information:

    What is this?
    This is a page for searching local data about failed implants and to search for information on external pages, like , MAUDE and PubMed. Then a summary, with statsitics, and the mest relevant cases will be presented for you.
    How do i use it?
    In two ways:
    You can search for local data using the simple search tool or by pressing "Show all records", and then press the "Find similar cases" for the record that intrest you. It will then return the most relevant cases. The record has to have the status "Complete" to do give some relevant cases.
    You can also use the "Search multiple databases" to give your own keywords and terms. It will then search all the external databases, including the local database and present it in a user friendly way with some statistic summary at the beginning.
    Tutorial videos:
    Find similar cases tutorial
    Search Multiple Databases Tutorial
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